Vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability scanning identifies systems that may be vulnerable to attacks.

Attacks on IT systems often take advantage of the fact that systems use old and obsolete versions of software that have not been updated with the latest security patches. Finding and updating out-of-date systems may increase security.

DKCERT scans computers on forskningsnettet, the Danish national research and education network, using tools like those used by attackers to discover potential targets. After scanning the IP addresses of an institution DKCERT provides the administrators with a report listing the vulnerabilities found and ranking them by severity.

Regular security scans are included in the fee for being connected to forskningsnettet.

Internal scanner

DKCERT also offers a scanner for internal scanning. It may be used inside the firewall, for example to ensure that network segments are properly isolated from each other. An internal scan may also identify undocumented servers or services.

Order a scan

You may order a scan via e-mail: